Whether you’re a small business or large, we know how important business marketing and vehicle wrapping play in attracting customers and increasing revenue. Competitive Signs is a one stop shop for everything ‘Signs’! We offer a comprehensive and detailed solution for all kinds of signs. If you have an idea, we have the solution! Contact us for a free estimate today.

Vehicle Graphics and wraps are the most effective way to advertise while you can be in many places at any time. Not to mention, the most economical way comparing it to billboards and stationery advertising.

JC Aviles, Owner – Competitive Signs

Vehicle Wraps have been around for quite some time and they are as popular today as they were 5 decades ago. Back then painting your business vehicle was the graphics wrapping version of today. Your business vehicle is a free advertising template that you can customize exactly how you perceive your clients to associate with your brand, your colors and most importantly – your logo (aka the unique identifier).



The Basics

Business Trucks are not flat surfaces; they have lots of curves and different angles. All the dimensions have to be carefully taken, stirred and poured onto the digital side of things – We work with Adobe Photoshop to GIMP and everything in between.

2D and 3D

2D templates are basic outline views of front, back and sides of a vehicle that can be downloaded in CDR, EPS, AI and DXF formats which we can open in any of the popular image software and work on our design.

3D models are becoming increasingly popular and they give you a much better sense of how your design would actually look on your vehicle. 3D models can be worked on with 3D image software to bring a design to life.


While other companies may advertise as being the cheapest in vehicle wrapping, we can assure you that you get what you pay for. At Competitive Signs we thrive for 100% customer satisfaction. When we work on your project, our experts come together and create the most beautiful and iconic vehicle wraps for your business.

The most effective and free marketing that you can get for your business is a Vehicle Wrap. People notice sings on your vehicle and if it’s a cool sign designed by Competitive Signs, you’re almost guaranteed to have revenue growth.