How to make sure your ADA signs are compliant

For ensuring your ADA signs is compliant, the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 to make America more accessible to all its citizens. The goal was to create a world where individuals with disabilities can hold important jobs and own businesses without much fuss. A part of this Act deals with signage and how businesses can make sure they are more disability-friendly.

Why does your ADA signs need to be compliant?

The goal of designing ADA-compliant signage is to encourage accessibility and to give individuals with disabilities autonomy. ADA-compliant signage installation build your business a better reputation. It allows citizens an autonomous. They can navigate through your enterprise safely without any accidents.

Tips to check whether your signage is ADA compliant:

There are several guidelines for designing disability-friendly signage specified under the ADA. Adhering to these guidelines can really help create a more inclusive world that allows equal opportunities for everyone.

1. Types of signage that need to be compliant

Not all signage on your property need to be ADA compliant. Primarily, the signage that offers directions or some sort of warning is the one that needs to follow the guidelines. Signage that indicates entry and exit points, washrooms, directions, room identification tags etc. Apart from that, signage on your website need to be ADA compliant as well.

2. Signage in Braille

One of the major requirements of ADA signs is that they should be legible to individuals with visual impairments. Rounded Braille dots need to be included on signage, preferably in lowercase except for proper nouns. The raised letters shouldn’t be higher than 2 inches and no smaller than 5/8th of an inch. Lastly, they should be in a sans-serif font.

3. Create contrast in ADA-compliant signs

The goal is to make signage as clear and visible as possible. The ADA suggests creating contrast white or black background. If you choose to use other colors, make sure that the font color contrasts with the background color. The ADA signs should not be too cluttered and easy to read.

4. Find the right placement

ADA-compliant signs should be easily accessible to the visually and physically impaired. For this to be possible, the signs need to be between 48 to 60 inches above the floor. There are specific guidelines about signs placed next to doors to ensure that the individual’s safety is not at risk.


ADA is an important step toward leveling the play-field by encouraging inclusiveness and accessibility. It lays down guidelines for various infrastructural aspects, including signage. Putting up ADA-compliant signage can be beneficial for your business and for individuals with disabilities. If you can succeed in creating effective signs that are disability-friendly, it can ensure equal access for all citizens. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.

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Interesting ways in which you can spruce up your safety signage

Businesses often forget to cater to customers with disabilities. Whether it is making special parking spots, building ramps, or creating more wheelchair-friendly infrastructure, business establishments tend to get complacent. As a result, they miss out on business with potential customers. By law, all businesses are required to fulfill the guidelines provided by Part 3 of the ADA regulations, but some businesses get by doing the bare minimum. 

By distinguishing yourself as a business that cares and with a little help from the years of expertise in ADA Signs, with Competitive Signage you can make your business more accessible and inviting to all customers. 

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, business establishments and places of employments should have signs that comply with the ADA regulations to make these places more accessible for people with disabilities. Non-compliance with these regulations is met with hefty fines and prosecution, so it is best that businesses invest in installing ADA Signs to make these places more friendly for people with disabilities. 

Here are three ways in which a business can spruce up their safety signs while making sure they are compliant with the existing guidelines:

  • ADA Signs for people who are visually impaired need specific customization as they cannot process glare or reflection very well. By making sure that your signs have a non-glare finish and that it is easily legible for all visitors, you are making sure that your ADA signs are compatible. However, this rule only applies to indoor signs, and signs for parking or traffic needn’t comply with this rule. Spruce this up by using a premium matte finish material and make sure that the background and characters are glare-free. You can also have ADA Signs on wood-carved templates for a quaint, distinguished look. 
  • Make sure that all aspects of your business establishment are disability-friendly. This is an important consideration if you are looking to level up your safety signage game. Consider restroom signs, room signs, building, and elevator signs when thinking of sprucing up the ADA Signs. Make sure that the signs are highly contrasted- either white on a black background or the reverse. You can also use other contrasting colors. Increase the accessibility by adding braille elements on your signage- this makes it more accessible for visually impaired people. Our experience tells us that customers most definitely appreciate this empathetic effort in kindness and support! 
  • When deciding on ADA Signs for your business, make sure that you are catering to a wide audience. Have ramps installed wherever necessary, make sure that all entry points have ADA signs that accurately guide people of disabilities in and out of your business establishment. Some people with disabilities also have service dogs that accompany them, so having a sign that says ‘your establishment is pet friendly’ can go a long way in communicating to your customers that you care. 

Customers will appreciate your empathic efforts of making your business more accessible and you can definitely expect higher customer satisfaction with this gesture. With years of expertise and testimonials from hundreds of customers, Competitive Signage caters to ADA signage needs of varied business establishments and industries. Through years of expertise and highly qualified staff ready to work with all the latest technology and tools, be assured that your business will not only be ADA compliant but a distinct example for all other establishments.

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