winter enclosure

You don’t have to stay indoors all winter. If you have a nice patio, you can easily style it for fun outdoor events. Not just your home, the outdoor section of your business can also continue serving guests during the colder months. Now isn’t that a fun idea to explore? The best way to go about this is by setting up a winter enclosure. A winter enclosure makes for a great long-term investment and is easy to set up. A temporary winter enclosure can be a great way to keep your home warmer and spend time outdoors.

Benefits of winter enclosures

Winters are all about channelizing resources to keep your home warm. With energy savings being the need of the hour today, it has become more difficult to winter-proof your home. Winter enclosures are made of sturdy polythene sheeting that works as a wonderful insulator during winter. The polythene not only blocks out the chilly wind but also negates the cooling effect. It also helps trap the warmth in, effectively helping you reduce your energy bills too. If it drizzles once in a while, these covers can prevent water from seeping in and damaging your wood too. What’s more, if your outdoor space often ends up becoming a messy pile of leaves during winter, consider adding winter enclosures to keep them clean.

That said, here are some different types of winter enclosures for your patio.

How to pick the best winter enclosure:

Apart from the polythene sheets, there are plenty of other winter enclosures that work well to warm your home. Consider adding these to your patio or even balconies for a fun winter.

1. Vinyl wraps:

large winter patio enclosure

Vinyl wraps are one of the cheapest winter enclosures. To add these, make sure your patio has a roof. If not, you can add wooden bars and use the vinyl sheeting as a rooftop. Vinyl wraps are bought in bulk so you need to get the appropriate measures to avoid wastage. Make sure you leak-proof your vinyl wraps to avoid any cool wind or rain from seeping in. Consult an expert if you feel lost. Clear vinyl also ensures that your outdoor view remains unobstructed.

2. Curtains in Patio Enclosure:

If you want your winter enclosure to be more aesthetic, consider using insulated curtains. Install them using curtain rods to keep them in place. With insulated curtains, you can mix and match colors or textures to make your patio look pretty. However, they do block out the view and may allow some cold to seep in from the gaps. Moreover, not all insulated curtains are waterproof so if you live in a place prone to rain, this might not be the best option for you.

winter enclosure in blue color

3. Screens Winter Enclosure:

patio enclosure

Shades are a wonderful way to have some control over when you want to use a winter enclosure and when you don’t. Once installed, you can either roll them up or keep them down depending on your choice. They also help keep the sunlight away, especially during warm afternoons. However, just like the insulated curtains, these do not completely windproof your patio, and obstruct your view too.


Winter enclosures are a great way to keep your outdoor space such as balconies or patios open. You can spend quality time there by yourself or entertain guests when you want to. They also keep your home warm. However, choosing the right winter enclosure is important to avoid discomfort. So research well and pick one that fits your needs and budget.

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