Custom banner signs

Custom banner signs are a popular secondary source of advertising for most businesses. They help attract a localized clientele and organically reach more people than digital ads. Regardless of how big or small your business is, advertising will always remain important. The well-designed banner signs will last long, is budget-friendly and can help your business pick up.

5 reasons to use banner signs for advertising:

1. Custom banner signs are pocket-friendly

banner signs

If you are a small advertising business, then digital, TV or billboard marketing might not fit into your budget. This, however, should not stop you from marketing your brand to increase your customer base. Custom banner signs serve as a one-time investment and are extremely budget-friendly. Regardless of whether you design them yourself or outsource the design, banner signs are still cheaper than most other mediums. You could make a bunch, put them up in all the busier corners and forget about them.

2. Banners signs are eye-catching

Banner sign

A well-designed and minimalist banner sign can be eye-catching. The key to an attractive banner sign is a simplistic design. Make sure your banner sign uses complementary and visible colors that align with your brand’s language. Apart from that sticking to fonts and images that are legible and not too cluttering is also essential. Lastly, a good design directs the viewer’s focus to the purpose of the ad, for instance announcing a discount.

3. Banner signs help build brand awareness

An eye-catching and informative banner sign will help build brand awareness amongst viewers. However, it is important to keep your custom banner signs crisp and to the point. People tend to notice attractive advertisements and sometimes, that itself can encourage word-of-mouth advertising. If your banner sign is clever enough to spark a conversation, this can lead to better brand awareness.

4. Banner signs advertising encourages omni-channel marketing

If you are a business with a larger marketing budget, custom banner signs can still serve as an effective marketing tool. While digital marketing requires you to be constant for a long period to gradually build a reach, banner signs don’t. You could stick up a few outside a popular mall or supermarket and you will already have a high reach. Banner signs can be used as a secondary marketing channel while you build your online presence in parallel.


5. They are targeted

Flag banner signs

Banner signs help businesses attract a specific local clientele. For instance, if you are a newly launched bookstore, launching a sale by putting up banner signs near cafes can really boost footfall. In this regard, banner signs work as targeted advertisements.


Banner signs are basically large posters that you can put out to advertise your brand or announce a sale etc. Apart from posters, flag banner signs or standing banner signs are also ideal. They can either serve as a primary or secondary source of marketing for your business. Moreover, an attractive banner sign can help build brand awareness, start a conversation and lead to word-of-mouth advertising. They are also a one-time investment, making them a budget-friendly option for advertising. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.

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