The first thing anyone notices about retail stores is their shop signage. While a large chunk of the retail world has moved online, curbside stores have their own charm. However, in a crowded market, a well-designed sign is the only thing that is bound to get your store noticed. One way to identify good shop signage is that it is clear with its service, promotes its name in bold and retains a clear design. If you are a retail business owner, there are many reasons why you need to understand the importance of shop signage for retail industry.

Importance of shop signage for the retail industry:

Retail shop signs vary in size and design depending on the purpose they are meant to serve. You could have flag banner signs, floating banner signs, window graphics, pylon signs and so on, based on your location and budget. Each of these signs serves a unique purpose and can be collectively used to attract more footfall. However, before you consider investing in shop signage, you need to understand its importance in the retail industry:

1. Attracting a heavy footfall with shop signage

shop signage

A good retail shop sign is eye-catching and will attract passer-by attention. You could take it a notch higher by installing digital shop signage or neon signs for aesthetic appeal. Regardless, your retail signage needs to talk about how you can help potential customers and why they should choose you. You could have a primary sign that displays your business name, services offered and contact details. Apart from that, install specific signage for flash sales – these can be banner signs around malls, window signs or vehicle wrapping signage. Together, they enhance reach to a larger range of target audiences and consecutively increase footfall to your store.

2. Building trust within a business through a retail shop sign

retail shop sign

Shop signage does not just serve to attract consumers, but also helps you retain them. You could install friendly retail shop signs that help customers navigate through the store or give them additional information about your niche. For instance, if you own a clothing store, you could have signage that points to different aisles. Apart from that, install banner signs within the store that recommend potential outfits to customers. Take it a step further by creating digital signage recommending outfits of the day, color pairing ideas and so on. This way, you help make the customer’s shopping process easier and in turn gain their trust and loyalty.

3. Creating an identifiable brand

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The best businesses have a brand identity that can be recognized from miles away. For instance, a shirt with a pattern in blue, yellow, green and red will instantly remind you of Google, even if it’s not explicitly mentioned. Shop signage helps a retail store have an identity outside of its store space. A good brand will have loyal customers that will seek it wherever they go. If you have or plan to set up multiple stores in different locations, having a singular brand identity will make identification easier.

4. Secondary marketing through shop signage for the retail industry

shop signage for the retail industry

Digital marketing continues to garner importance in the world of advertising. If you are a business with a bigger budget, you might prefer investing in online advertising. However, as a retail store owner, consider investing in offline shop signage too. This can add that extra push to all your marketing efforts and enhance your brand’s overall reach.


Being a retail store owner in the growing digital world might seem daunting. However, the charm of offline stores is not lost and there are consumers who still prefer to interact physically with a business. The most important thing to consider is shop signage for the retail industry – investing in plenty of offline advertising to increase footfall in your space. You don’t have to settle for less when you can go all the way in and market your business well. Consider your needs and assess your target audience – where are they on a Friday evening, for instance? These locations can serve well in setting up shop signage for the promotion of your product/service. Winding up, good signage can really boost footfall and sales for any business, provided you know it and understand your audience well. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.