Custom Dimensional indoor Signs

Your signage can be your biggest marketing tool. Apart from promoting your services, indoor signage is a great way to build brand awareness. Signage is also a great way to set your business apart through a unique design language. Long story short, it wouldn’t hurt to deck up your office spaces with signage. Indoor signage shows your client that you care for them and that you aren’t here just for the money. It builds value, trust and loyalty, something that ensures lifelong relationships with customers.

Here are some reasons why your office should have indoor signage:

1. Build brand awareness with office signage:

interior signage

When clients walk into your office space, how you present your business makes a huge impression on them. Inculcating your brand’s values into subtle office signage builds appeal. Throw in your colourful logos, place your motto in bold fonts and put up your latest offers. A clever mix of digital signage and good old posters is the perfect way to go about it. Add neon signage to promote your brand colours and digital screens showing your best videos or advertisements.

2. Facilitate navigation with directional indoor signage:

If your office spaces are big, it is crucial that you put up indoor signage that shows directions. Inculcate Braille (and other ADA regulations) into it and go a step ahead in making your audience feel at ease. Signs like, “wait here’, “it takes 10 minutes to get through this queue” or “please don’t run to the washroom!” can help lighten the mood and show your clients that you care. For a pharmacy, for example, you can point to the different sections in your store. This is indirect and effective customer service. Try to be witty and use your brand’s catchphrases wherever you can.

business indoor signage

3. Invest in your audience:

office sign

Good indoor office signage can make your client feel autonomous. Add way-finders or other digital screens that showcase your product and help your audience make decisions. These can be also used to display all your ongoing offers, your achievements and client testimonials. Make your audience feel like you’re not only interested in selling all the time with the help of easy-to-access digital indoor signage. For instance, if you are a travel agency, sticking up maps and quick tips, or adding interactive digital signage with a prompt that says, ‘where should I go next?’ is a great way to make them feel that you’re invested in their journey too.


Still confused about what indoor signs you should get for your office? Ask your audience how you can help them. Track your customer care feedback and incorporate them into your indoor signage. Start with witty directional office signage and then move on to advertising and selling your best offers. The goal is to help your customers, make them feel at ease and prioritize their comfort. You can only build value by offering them something important for free. Way-finders and easy tips are the best way to do that. Plan your indoor signage with brand colours, logos and motto so it helps create an indirect impression too!

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