Digital signage has come a long way in helping brands build an offline presence. Amongst these, a custom LED sign can potentially drive your business to growth and higher reach. Its catchy, colorful look illuminated display and safe structure makes it popular amongst modern businesses. That said, it is essential to use effective strategies in order to build a practical custom LED sign. Here are some tips to get the most out of your custom LED signs:

Tips for custom LED signs:

1. Make them solve a problem

Custom LED sign

The best way to increase the value of your business – whether it’s a hospital or a bar – is by sharing information. You could talk about “benefits of donating blood” or “sightseeing in the city”, presenting information that is helpful to the reader. In this regard, indoor and outdoor custom LED signs can help grab the viewer’s attention. Their bright display can further ensure that the message is visible even at night.

2. Design your custom LED sign with empathy

Custom LED sign

An audience connects better with signs that are organic. Some ways to show empathy are through collated research data, focusing on client reviews and additional resources. This creates a space for your audience to connect with your business and find all the essential resources they need. Just imagine – you are lost in a new city and find a well-lit LED sign with a map of where what is. Wouldn’t that be helpful?

3. Launch creative advertising campaigns

Whether it’s a sale or an exciting product/service launch, plan a creative advertising campaign on a custom LED sign. Make sure to de-clutter your design and highlight the important elements. You can always seek the professional help of designers to put together the best piece possible. A colorful illuminated custom LED sign can make any campaign 10 times more attractive. This will encourage more footfall to your business and even boost sales.

4. Keep switching your custom LED signs

Customers like a little novelty now and then. So, whatever you put up on your sign, change it up every couple of weeks. Try to put together a brand design and stick to the colors that will remind people of your business. This way, they will think of the product or service even when they are not actively seeking it. Moreover, these changes are cost-effective and work as a one-time investment for your growing business.


While online marketing is taking over advertisement today, digital signage continues to play its part effectively. As a business with a moderate budget, custom LED signs can help you boost sales within your locality. Attractive LED signs present a de-cluttered design and display messages that solve problems for the users while being empathetic. Apart from that, they can also be enhanced through regular changes and tweaks to attract more footfall. To summarize it all, custom LED signs for businesses are a great investment that can reap benefits in the long term. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.