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Whether you’re a small business or large, we know how important business signs and banners are in attracting customers and increasing revenue. Competitive Signs is a one stop shop for everything ‘Signs’! We offer a comprehensive and detailed solution for all kinds of signs. If you have an idea, we have the solution! Contact us for a free estimate today.

Custom Dimensional Signs allows businesses to stand out with eye popping graphics.

JC Aviles, Owner – Competitive Signs

The coolest story ever told

This is one of the coolest stories we have at Competitive Signs. It was a gloomy summer day back in early 2007 and business was going as usual. We had a few projects in hand, we’re actively working on a couple of deliveries – everything was going smooth.


The phone rings

It must be around 3pm and we’re pretty much getting ready to call it an early day but then we receive a phone call. On the other side was a media production company that wanted to get estimates on some work that they needed but they kept everything undercover about the project and insisted to have a face-to-face meeting. “Sure!”, said JC thinking if nothing, he’d get more experience in dealing with these situations in future.

The meeting

Surprisingly, the introductory meeting went so well, the production company hired Competitive Signs on the spot. We quickly got to work as this was one of the bigger projects that we had undertaken. It involved a lot of man hours and a tremendous amount of work to make it exactly how the production wanted.

The Reveal

Lo and behold, our work was for the most popular HBO TV Series of that time – THE SOPRANOS! Competitive Signs was hired to fabricate a new Neon Sign, Refurbish a projecting blade sign and rejuvenate an awning and create three new Awning Signs.

Little did we know that the very last episode of The Sopranos will be filmed at the Holsten’s.