• Wall Murals
  • Dimensional Signs

The Back Story?

The project was very cool since it deals with training dentists on a new product called ‘Myobrace’ which helps children treat any orthodontic issues.

We were hired by the Tiffinie after she saw our work on our website. We take great pride in all the projects we are a part of and we’re grateful to all of our clients.

We wrapped all walls with beautiful full color Branding Graphics and followed her vision for the dentist training headquarters in Clifton NJ.

After this facility was completed, we were referred to many dentists’ offices in New Jersey and also some in Massachusetts.

We continue to help with brand development as new Dentist Sign to provide this product to patients.


Competitive Signs was asked to provide estimates as soon as possible as was hired for the Job thereafter.

We’ve been in business with the county of Bergen since 2016.

What did we end up doing for this project?

Wall Murals & Dimensional Signs

  • Project Myofunctional Research Co.
  • Clients Tiffinie Martin; Regional Manager - North & South America
  • Time 4 Weeks
  • Status Complete and in Good Standing