• Carved Signs
  • Sneeze Guards

The Back Story?

I came across an insurance adjuster who needed an estimate to replace an Awning that was damaged by a Storm. Although I didn’t get that job, he asked me if I can provide another estimate for a damaged Freestanding Sign that was at Monmouth University. So I did.

Monmouth Approved estimate and right away provided a PO to Begin Work. We delivered job within scheduled time and Kara was very happy with our work that she gave us many more Sign Projects to replace for parts of the grounds at the university.

When COVID hit March of 2020, she called us to see if we can provide 100 sneeze guards for all podiums where professors would be teaching from. Our Team jumped on this job immediately and completed it within 3 weeks.

What did we end up doing for this project?

Carved Signs & Sneeze Guards

  • Project Monmouth University
  • Clients Tiffinie MKara Sullivanartin; Regional Manager - North & South America
  • Time 12 Weeks
  • Status Complete and in Good Standing