• Cast Aluminum Letters
  • ADA Signs
  • Directories
  • Way Finding Signs

The Back Story?

I attended a county business fair at Bergen Community College where I met Mr. James J. Tedesco III along with many other county officials including Mr. Raymond W. Dressler.

In the middle of the presentation they opened the floor for any questions from all business owners that were in attendance. I was brief and asked a direct question – which was “I need to do business with the county of Bergen”. I’m glad I asked this question. The very next day the purchasing agent e-mailed and called me to set up a meeting with Mr. Dressler.

Competitive Signs was asked to provide estimates as soon as possible as was hired for the Job thereafter.

We’ve been in business with the county of Bergen since 2016.

What did we end up doing for this project?

All types of Signage – Cast Aluminum Letters, ADA Signs, Directories and Way Finding Signs & more.

  • Project Bergen County, NJ
  • Clients Raymond W. Dressler, Director of Public Works
  • Time 8 Weeks
  • Status Complete and in Good Standing