Ashley Mera

Office Manager
I am the Office Manager at Competitive Signs. I was born and raised in a small town in United States and I’ve always been interested in business administration which is why I went to college and pursuing my degree in Business.
There are many tasks that we do as office managers, but the one that really makes me feel good is when our clients are happy and fulfilled. My goal at work is to provide the client with an exceptional experience.
  • Address :
    27 Cherry St., Clifton, NJ 07014
  • Experience :
    7 years


I have over 4 years of experience in sales and 2 years of experience in designing.

My Skills

Multilingual - Spanish, Italian & English 95%
Graphic Design - Flexi 100%

Education & Qualifications


Bachelors in Business Administration (1st Semester)
High School

Career Start

I started working in 2017


4 Years

Contact Me

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