Absolute Must-Haves for A Good Sign

Okay, so you have a business, and you want to do everything you can to make it reach a wider audience? And having signage is one of your hero ideas? Well, you’re on the right track but a signage can only do so much if it doesn’t have these three important elements in it. What are those? Let’s find out!

Design & Aesthetic

What’s a good signage if it doesn’t grab the attention of the audience in the first look? When designing a good signage, ask yourself whether-

> the colours are too flashy or pleasing to the eye?

> is the font clear, big and the right size to read or would a person have to squint to see?

> are there design elements indicative of the business and is the brand’s logo out there clearly?

If your design doesn’t do the trick, there’s very little chance a person will actually stop, stare, and read what you’ve written. Make sure you’re adding all the magic design elements in here because remember, great aesthetic results in higher probability of the signage being noticed.


Now that you’ve got the design in place, what do you actually want to tell the audience? The signage should be treated like a clever advertising copy- short, witty, and sharp. You want the person to enjoy the content while still having a clear takeaway about who you are and what your offerings are. For example: “Making realty a reality” would be an intelligent copy for a realtor who’s selling good yet affordable housing to people. A great tip to know whether your copy works or not is to test it on different cohorts of people and understand their reactions.

PS: don’t get carried away with smart copywriting and forget about vital information such as your contact number. You don’t want people to be left wondering about how to connect with you.


It would make no sense for you to have great signage in an environment that doesn’t have any use of it. Your signage needs to be friendly with its surroundings and placed in an appropriate location in order to catch the eye of your target audience. Additionally, your design needs to be in tandem with your surroundings, so it doesn’t look completely out of place. Make sure that the functionality, positioning and placement of your signage is in compliance with the environment around so that you can get the best and the most optimum results.