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How To Get The Best Small Business Signs In Your Budget

Your small business is only as good as its brand language. How you present it to the target audience is crucial in building your client base. However, as a small business, investing in advertising and signage might be a tricky situation – you want to ensure you get a good return on your investment. And it is not really as difficult as you think. A little bit of planning and understanding of business signs cost is all it takes to ace advertising on a budget. If executed well, there is nothing that can stop your small business signs from making those heads turn.

How much business signs Cost?

As a small business, every single investment you make counts and that’s why you should be aware of business signs cost. However, marketing is the one space where effective execution can provide exponential returns. The first step is to ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford. Ideally, set aside 5-10% of your monthly revenue as an advertising budget. It’s not necessary that you spend it all, especially if you are just starting off. Experiment with different small business signs and then invest more in the ones that give good returns. How much you spend on a sign also depends on several other variables such as the longevity of the campaign, types of signage, durability and design. Since each variable will require individual expenditure, it’s best to consider everything thoroughly.

What variables to consider?

Business signs cost differently depending upon their type, dimensions, material, and more. The type of storefront signage you choose for your small business is only the tip of the iceberg. After that, you need to pick a good marketer, a designer and a space to put up your signage. To exclude the cost of renting a large billboard, pick smaller signage that can go up on your windows or on standees in public places. Try and prioritize investing in a good designer or campaign manager who has a decent portfolio in the same niche as yours. A good design is key to making sure your signage grabs attention. Apart from this, some regions may also have zoning regulations that can incur fees if your sign does not comply with them. Lastly, while assigning your budget to develop signage, consider how often you can invest in it. If you can’t see yourself frequently upgrading your store’s signage, you might want to consider investing in ones that are more durable. Considering the above variables, here are the best signage options for a small business.

3 Best signage options for a business with a small budget:

1. Monument Signage

business signs cost

If you prefer longevity and don’t mind splurging a bit, a monument is the best small business sign you can get. It is large and can be easily seen from far away too. Moreover, it expands your target audience by including not just pedestrians but motorists as well. Put up your monument signs in a location that is frequented by people such as petrol pumps or malls. You can even consider renting space on larger monuments owned by these establishments.

2. Window Graphics

Window graphics can be customized to fit your budget and needs. There are two benefits of investing in window graphics – durability and availability of advertising space. Investing in window graphic advertising is best for businesses that have their own glass screens since it further saves on expenditure. These business signs cost less than any other type of business signage and efficiently utilizes the space as well.

cost of business signs

3. Vehicle Wraps

business signs cost

The main reason to pick vehicle wraps is that they can be made attractive on a budget. Since vinyl is extremely durable, you also save on recurring expenses for replacement. Moreover, they exponentially increase your reach since the vehicle is almost always in motion.


If you are a small business and confused about how to get started on marketing, signage can be a good idea. There are various choices in small business signs that can fit your budget and trigger a good return on investment. The key is to consider all variables that are important to you (such as design or durability) and set a budget that does not affect your business. It might seem difficult, but it is not impossible to invest in advertising that boosts conversions. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.

Importance of vehicle wraps

You Need to Know the Importance of Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are the perfect tools for small businesses to boost their brand awareness on a budget. Often, small businesses are at crossroads when it comes to the budgets for brand building and advertising. This is where shop signage, especially vehicle wraps come in.

Mobile forms of advertising like vehicle wraps are as effective as any ad campaign. They are considered a cheaper yet equally impactful option. Not only do they create personalized branding tools for your business. But also help build brand identity and awareness, getting you the much-needed traction for more business growth.

If you are considering investing in custom vehicle wraps, here’s why it is important to do so:

1. Bigger Impact on a Budget:

Vehicle wraps Bigger Impact on a Budget

A tight budget does necessarily mean an end to your small business advertising goals! You can create an equal amount of impact when you start choosing to invest in strong signage, instead of expensive billboards. Often, while stuck in traffic, on our route back from work, we often find delivery vehicles that catch our eye. Whether it is the color or a funny one-liner, we would remember it for a while. If you are looking to order some food, or get laundry, you might even remember the contact details and hire them next time! Engaging graphics and taglines on your custom vehicle wraps are sometimes all you need to get the locals excited for your business.

2. Brand Awareness:

Vehicle wraps Brand Awareness

Brand identity and awareness are quite important if you are living in a saturated space, or in an area with tough competitors. Even if your company services or products may be unique, it is often recommended to make sure that your brand is highly discernible and has the capacity to stand on its own. Custom vehicle wraps that constantly keep alive the brand name and recall in your local area can help uphold your unique identity as a business. This is especially fitting for a local eatery, or a dry cleaner, and vehicle wraps help to consolidate their reputation in the area even further.

3. Brand Mission:

 custom vehicle wraps brand mission

Graphics signs is a unique technique to get your brand or business messaging across. Customers often connect to a brand that is open about their mission and ideals. Say, you are a local restaurant, and you run a sustainable kitchen. Mention that in all your custom vehicle wraps, as your brand’s new mission can help you connect with the customers and lay a foundation for a long-term relationship. Instead of the same company brand and logo, talk about how your business contributes to the community and what are the values and ethics it works on. Use the custom vehicle wrapping to narrate to your prospective customers what your company really stands for.


As vehicle wraps catch on and gain popularity, it’s becoming increasingly important to choose a professional signs shop. That has mastered this tricky process. Connect with Competitive Signs for all your signage needs, including vehicle wraps at or +1-973.783.1001. By using the latest tools, the most sophisticated facilities and a highly supportive staff, Competitive Signs is able to create advanced signage tools tailored to meet businesses’ specific needs.

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The basics of Business Vehicle Graphics

Whether you’re a small business or large, we know how important business marketing and vehicle wrapping play in attracting customers and increasing revenue. Competitive Signs is a one stop shop for everything ‘Signs’! We offer a comprehensive and detailed solution for all kinds of signs. If you have an idea, we have the solution! Contact us for a free estimate today.