Office Indoor Signage Your Company Needs

An impressionable office is one that takes care of the little things. While a majestic exterior can enrapture your clients, walk-ins and employees, the office interior will decide whether they stay. A free coffee counter, comfortable seating and helpful office indoor signage are some things that help build trust and loyalty.  Each sign adds value to the customer’s perception of your office’s quality of service.

Office Indoor Signage You Can Use in Your Company:

Different kinds of office signage serve different functions within a workspace. You can pick a logo for the reception, graphics that talk about company values, and ADA signs alongside directional signs to optimize navigation within the office. If you are still unsure about the importance of indoor signage in your office, here are some signs to consider:

1. ADA Office Signage

ADA Office Signage

The current ADA regulations require work-spaces to incorporate disability-friendly signage. The compliant signage specifically needs to be installed in washrooms, elevators, parking spaces and in areas that indicate floor numbers. Ensure that your ADA-compliant indoor signage facilitates access to all spaces within the office without much fuss. Keep in mind that the ADA has further regulations regarding dimensions, placement and type of braille to be used that need to be followed as well.

2. Cut Metallic Office Indoor Signage

Cut Metallic Office Indoor Signage

Cut metallic indoor signage brings class to your office. The sleek metal design is perfect for installing logos at the main entrance and even at the reception. They help create an edge over other businesses with their sheer elegance and sharp look. Apart from that, you can consider other indoor office signage for your lobby. It could be your tagline under the logo, your company’s growth statistics or its best reviews. Make these in metal or acrylic depending on the space available and your design goals.

3. Exciting Wall Graphics

Exciting Wall Graphics

Nobody likes a monochromatic office. The best offices are decked in fun colors and exciting wall graphics that talk about the brand’s values. Apart from that, you could also put up motivational quotes, an employee of the month features, niche statistics and so on to make things fun around the office.Lastly, add interesting facts about your city, workspace or professional field to convey your love for what you do.

4. Office Signage to Indicate House Rules

Office Signage to Indicate House Rules

Every office space has its own rules that the employees and customers need to follow. Use interior banners to convey these rules wherever necessary. Along with this, the banners can also be used to indicate work anniversaries, customer appreciation, targets achieved, office events, holidays and so on. However, it is important to place them wisely in order to avoid cluttering the office.


Take a look at your office space and assess its aesthetic and functional appeal. You can go a step ahead and ask your employees and customers for feedback too. Office indoor signage might feel unnecessary to someone who knows the company like the back of their hand. However, for most outsiders, every tiny office sign counts and contributes to their impression of the company. Different signs serve different functions and it is important to assess and install office signage that you feel your company needs. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.

Why is Shop Signage for Retail Industry Important?

The first thing anyone notices about retail stores is their shop signage. While a large chunk of the retail world has moved online, curbside stores have their own charm. However, in a crowded market, a well-designed sign is the only thing that is bound to get your store noticed. One way to identify good shop signage is that it is clear with its service, promotes its name in bold and retains a clear design. If you are a retail business owner, there are many reasons why you need to understand the importance of shop signage for retail industry.

Importance of shop signage for the retail industry:

Retail shop signs vary in size and design depending on the purpose they are meant to serve. You could have flag banner signs, floating banner signs, window graphics, pylon signs and so on, based on your location and budget. Each of these signs serves a unique purpose and can be collectively used to attract more footfall. However, before you consider investing in shop signage, you need to understand its importance in the retail industry:

1. Attracting a heavy footfall with shop signage

shop signage

A good retail shop sign is eye-catching and will attract passer-by attention. You could take it a notch higher by installing digital shop signage or neon signs for aesthetic appeal. Regardless, your retail signage needs to talk about how you can help potential customers and why they should choose you. You could have a primary sign that displays your business name, services offered and contact details. Apart from that, install specific signage for flash sales – these can be banner signs around malls, window signs or vehicle wrapping signage. Together, they enhance reach to a larger range of target audiences and consecutively increase footfall to your store.

2. Building trust within a business through a retail shop sign

retail shop sign

Shop signage does not just serve to attract consumers, but also helps you retain them. You could install friendly retail shop signs that help customers navigate through the store or give them additional information about your niche. For instance, if you own a clothing store, you could have signage that points to different aisles. Apart from that, install banner signs within the store that recommend potential outfits to customers. Take it a step further by creating digital signage recommending outfits of the day, color pairing ideas and so on. This way, you help make the customer’s shopping process easier and in turn gain their trust and loyalty.

3. Creating an identifiable brand

shop signage

The best businesses have a brand identity that can be recognized from miles away. For instance, a shirt with a pattern in blue, yellow, green and red will instantly remind you of Google, even if it’s not explicitly mentioned. Shop signage helps a retail store have an identity outside of its store space. A good brand will have loyal customers that will seek it wherever they go. If you have or plan to set up multiple stores in different locations, having a singular brand identity will make identification easier.

4. Secondary marketing through shop signage for the retail industry

shop signage for the retail industry

Digital marketing continues to garner importance in the world of advertising. If you are a business with a bigger budget, you might prefer investing in online advertising. However, as a retail store owner, consider investing in offline shop signage too. This can add that extra push to all your marketing efforts and enhance your brand’s overall reach.


Being a retail store owner in the growing digital world might seem daunting. However, the charm of offline stores is not lost and there are consumers who still prefer to interact physically with a business. The most important thing to consider is shop signage for the retail industry – investing in plenty of offline advertising to increase footfall in your space. You don’t have to settle for less when you can go all the way in and market your business well. Consider your needs and assess your target audience – where are they on a Friday evening, for instance? These locations can serve well in setting up shop signage for the promotion of your product/service. Winding up, good signage can really boost footfall and sales for any business, provided you know it and understand your audience well. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.

Shop Signage

How many types of shop signage does your business need?

A lot of business owners believe that simple storefront signage is enough to attract customers. However, if you want to grow your business’ reach, opt for multiple signage. Different types of shop signage can serve different functions for your business. They could expand your reach, give your store a more aesthetic look or help build a loyal customer base. Depending on your budget and marketing goals, you can pick shop signage that works for your business.

Types of signage for any business:

There are six major ways to amplify your business through shop signage. Firstly, you need to have storefront signage. Consecutively, you can choose between custom awnings, banner signs for stores and vehicle wraps. Here are some tips on how to pick the right store signage:

1. Storefront Signage for businesses

Storefront Signage for businesses

The storefront signage that you use contributes to your business’ identity. It is the first thing they see when they reach a store. Having said that, make sure not to clutter them with too much information. Emphasize your business’ name in a large font, what it does in a smaller font, and its location and contact details at the bottom.

2. Custom Awnings

Custom Awnings

Custom awnings for shops can help add an aesthetic charm to your business. Moreover, if you own a hotel, cafe or book store, they can help create additional al fresco sitting spaces. Apart from that, awnings also help shelter your windows and doors from extreme weather conditions such as dust storms or heavy rains.

3. Vehicle Wraps for Advertising

Vehicle Wraps for Advertising

Vehicle wraps are a great way to increase your business’ offline reach. Their design and longevity also make them a budget-friendly choice. However, it is important to not de-clutter the vehicle wrap design. You want your advertisement to be noticed and understood by people even when the vehicle is in motion. So use large images, bold fonts and crisp messages to make a real impact.

4. Custom Banner Signs

Custom Banner Signs

There are two types of custom banner signs for shops that you can consider – standing banner signs and flag banner signs. You could opt to put these up in places with heavy footfalls such as malls, gyms, local markets, cinema halls and so on. Banner signs are small and can be made catchy with the right color scheme and design.

5. Pylons, Monuments and Interior Signs

Pylons, Monuments and Interior Signs

Pylon signage and monument signage for businesses are some other ways to be noticed. Due to their large size, they are ideally placed on highways where they are visible from great distances. Pylons and monuments can help point people to your business and give them a quick brief on what you do. Apart from that, you can also add some interior signs for customer support which can contribute to boosting loyalty.


A business does not need to only depend on online marketing to generate sales. Custom shop signage can go a long way in helping you reach your audience. You can choose between banner signs, awnings, pylons and monument signage to give your business that extra push. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.

How to increase efficiency of a custom LED sign

Digital signage has come a long way in helping brands build an offline presence. Amongst these, a custom LED sign can potentially drive your business to growth and higher reach. Its catchy, colorful look illuminated display and safe structure makes it popular amongst modern businesses. That said, it is essential to use effective strategies in order to build a practical custom LED sign. Here are some tips to get the most out of your custom LED signs:

Tips for custom LED signs:

1. Make them solve a problem

Custom LED sign

The best way to increase the value of your business – whether it’s a hospital or a bar – is by sharing information. You could talk about “benefits of donating blood” or “sightseeing in the city”, presenting information that is helpful to the reader. In this regard, indoor and outdoor custom LED signs can help grab the viewer’s attention. Their bright display can further ensure that the message is visible even at night.

2. Design your custom LED sign with empathy

Custom LED sign

An audience connects better with signs that are organic. Some ways to show empathy are through collated research data, focusing on client reviews and additional resources. This creates a space for your audience to connect with your business and find all the essential resources they need. Just imagine – you are lost in a new city and find a well-lit LED sign with a map of where what is. Wouldn’t that be helpful?

3. Launch creative advertising campaigns

Whether it’s a sale or an exciting product/service launch, plan a creative advertising campaign on a custom LED sign. Make sure to de-clutter your design and highlight the important elements. You can always seek the professional help of designers to put together the best piece possible. A colorful illuminated custom LED sign can make any campaign 10 times more attractive. This will encourage more footfall to your business and even boost sales.

4. Keep switching your custom LED signs

Customers like a little novelty now and then. So, whatever you put up on your sign, change it up every couple of weeks. Try to put together a brand design and stick to the colors that will remind people of your business. This way, they will think of the product or service even when they are not actively seeking it. Moreover, these changes are cost-effective and work as a one-time investment for your growing business.


While online marketing is taking over advertisement today, digital signage continues to play its part effectively. As a business with a moderate budget, custom LED signs can help you boost sales within your locality. Attractive LED signs present a de-cluttered design and display messages that solve problems for the users while being empathetic. Apart from that, they can also be enhanced through regular changes and tweaks to attract more footfall. To summarize it all, custom LED signs for businesses are a great investment that can reap benefits in the long term. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.

Learn What Custom Awning is perfect for your business

Every business is as good as its visual appeal – be it banner signs, exterior paint, interior decor and so on. One of the ways to enhance the visual appeal of your business is by adding a custom awning. An attractive entrance can easily make the space feel warmer and more welcoming. Regardless of whether you own a cafe or a retail store, a commercial awning can amp up its look and feel. However, it is essential to pick an awning that not only fits your budget but also complements your overall theme and decor.

Where can you place these awnings?

The placement of your awnings entirely depends on their purpose and your business theme. Ideally, awnings can be placed at entryways, along long pathways, over windows, over a patio or a deck, in an open space (like gardens) or even inside your establishment. It is essential to pick the right type of awning for a specific placement.

Types of custom awnings for businesses:

Commercial awnings can be broadly categorized into four types based on their make and function. As a business owner, you need to research thoroughly before you pick one:

1. Retractable Custom Awnings

Retractable awnings are really popular and mainly used by culinary enterprises such as restaurants and cafes. They are mounted to the wall and can be extended or retracted at will. They can also make for a great addition to terraces and balconies to shade the area from rain or harsh sunlight. One of the top three exterior commercial awnings, they offer increased outdoor dining space at restaurants and create a chic visual appeal.

2. Drop Arm Commercial Awnings

Custom Awnings

Drop arm awnings are extremely sloped awnings installed above windows to prevent sunlight from coming in. They serve as great storefront awnings for advertisement. Moreover, they can also be rolled up whenever they are not needed and can be utilized to display banner signs for your business.

3. Freestanding Awnings

Freestanding awnings are independently fixed shades that stand on vertical poles. Ideally, two awnings are mounted on any number of poles depending on their design. These custom awnings are perfect for creating shade in outdoor seating areas at home or in al fresco cafes, bookstores planning to organize exhibitions etc.

4. Pivot Arm Custom Awnings

Pivot arm awnings are held in place by a set of poles or ‘arms’. They are placed at an angle over windows to shade them from sunlight and heat. They can add a chic vintage look to any business while also helping create a cool space sans air conditioning.


Custom awnings for commercial organizations are versatile and chic. They help shade your interiors from sunlight and heat, create a vintage look and can enable advertisement endeavors as well. Depending on the layout and niche of your business, and your budget, you could pick any or all of the above-mentioned awnings. They can effortlessly pull together your business’ look and help create additional space if needed. Contact Competitive Signs at or +1-973.783.1001 for all your shop signage needs.

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