What Are Channel Letter Signs and How Are They Useful for My Business in Clifton, NJ?

Professional Physical Therapy 58 v2Many national branded companies and local businesses in Clifton, NJ use channel lettering for their business signs on the façade of their storefront. You may ask what a channel letter sign is and why should I use and order one? A channel letter sign is a custom fabricated, electrically powered sign made to your specifications and is typically built in 3D dimensions with depth and an effective use of lighting for attention-getting illumination. The sign made from channel letters can use LED, neon, and other lighting sources to produce a professionally lit business sign that can be seen clearly at night and in all sorts of weather, throughout the year, including in rainstorms and snowstorms.

A professionally constructed channel letter sign can be fabricated using a variety of materials including acrylic, polycarbonate, plastic, aluminum, and sheet metal. Once a business in Clifton, NJ has one constructed, they arrange to have it installed by a professional business sign company that carefully hangs it using anchoring hardware. Whether the sign is for an internal, indoor wall to reinforce business brand awareness or for an external front façade of a storefront or building to identify business location, there are many options to make a clear statement of your business brand.

Businesses in Clifton, NJ use channel letter signage as an attention-grabbing business sign that incorporates individual, 3-Dimensional letters fabricated using aluminum sheet metal, polycarbonate, and acrylic and other materials that won’t be affected by moisture, ice, rain, or snow. Channel letter signs can be constructed using LED backlit lighting for an added glowing effect and using numerous choices of different colored lighting that makes the sign look luminous and bright from any angle, day or night. Most of the 3D channel letter signs that are made today for businesses in Clifton, NJ are manufactured using LED light sources, as opposed to neon lighting, which provides a more nostalgic channel letter sign. LED light sources provide for a lower-cost usage and last a long time without having to be replaced so regularly like you would have to do with incandescent light fixtures.

When designing a channel letter business sign for your business in Clifton, NJ you would want to work with an experienced sign company who will consider not only the physical requirements of installation and provide a safe install, but also consider the visual principles of design, such as the use of colors, shapes, forms, and lighting, providing the most effective impact and visible contrast both day and night. An important example of high contrast for the best possible for readability from any reasonable distance is to order a sign with light colored channel letters (ex. yellow, white, light blue, pink) to be installed on a storefront with a dark background (ex. brown, black, dark gray) which takes into consideration the hue, value, and color to provide the best contrast. A channel sign designer at a professional sign design company has the right materials and will utilize the various visual properties to create the specific glow effect or a halo effect that would make a world of difference for useful readability for all types of customers in the Clifton, NJ area.

To construct a front illuminated or back lit channel letter sign, the business sign fabrication company and its designers must consider using translucent acrylic custom cut sheets to allow the light source from within the channel letter sign to project outward and become visible no matter what color is required by the business. Channel letter signs that use internal illumination are fabricated to conceal the light source from within and protect the lighting fixtures from moisture, including rain, snow, hail, and wind. Some choices in the materials that can be used for construct as translucent plastic sheets of various sizes and shapes can include polypropylene and styrene. These types of materials when used for channel letter signs in Clifton, NJ are durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting.

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