We Can Provide You Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) Business Signs

Social DistanceAll of us here at Competitive Signs & Graphics know that this is a hard time for all our customers and our community who are suffering because of an enormous tragedy like the Coronavirus pandemic. We are here to help you with that by designing and printing any business signs & communications that your business may need during these difficult and changing economic times in our business environment. Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication Business Signs are sometimes necessary for effective communications and to announce any changes impacted by our local business environment.  

Now, what is Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication you may ask? Well, Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication or (CERC) as it is known is for helping people by teaching them some lesson learned from other past public health emergencies that have happened in our history. For example, like research in the field of public health and emergency risk communication. In addition, it can also be business signs that you may need urgently to respond to any new changes in the way conduct business. Such as, different hours of operation, ordering online options, and any other changes to business procedures that may reflect your company’s response to an emergency.

When it comes to the various phases of a crisis, CERC it is divided into a lot of phases which are preparation, initial, maintenance, and recovery. Why not talk about how we can write a crisis plan. When it comes to this kind of plan, we have seven (7) steps to follow and they are:

  1. Identify the goal of the plan that you want to put into action
  2. Know the stakeholders
  3. Help to create a hierarchy for sharing all kinds of information on the crisis
  4. Try and assign people to provide fact sheets
  5. Identify and even asses the example of crisis scenarios
  6. Answer common questions that people might have
  7. Identify potential risks

Now, the six CERC principles of the effective crisis and risk communication are

  1. Be first
  2. Be right
  3. Be credible
  4. Express empathy
  5. Promote action
  6. Show respect

So, do not forget that all of us here at Competitive Signs & Graphics are here for our customers that are in Essex County, Montclair, NJ, Bergen County, Paramus, NJ, Morris County, Morristown, NJ, Hudson County, Jersey City, NJ and Union County, Westfield, NJ.

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