Competitive Signs Does Neon & LED Business Signs for Retail Stores in Paramus and Bergen County, NJ Area

neon led business signs for retail storesDo you have a retail store, like a Laundromat or Dry Cleaning service, in the area of Paramus and Bergen County, NJ and are looking to get some custom Neon – LED? Then, the graphic designers at Competitive Signs & Graphics will be there to produce your Neon or LED business sign.

The purposes of doing Neon & LED business signs for retail stores in Paramus and Bergen County, NJ area is that it will help to show your business in a different light and perspective. Here are two (2) things that you should know that Neon business signs & LED business signs:

Neon Business Signs

There is a big difference between the LED and neon lighting and that is the neon lighting comes in a nice handcrafted glass tube. The light is then created from the reactions that are gest with the inert gas that emits a fluorescent colour due to the release of the energy.

LED sign

When it comes to doing LED lights and business signs they are created by using a light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which are then strung closely together so that light can overlap and be able to create a steady source of light. LED business signs are usually lighter and even more protected than neon lights because LEDs are often wrapped in their own polymer jacket to help protect each diode from the external damage.

Here is what one of their clients, Ms. Karima Jackson, had to say about their work:

“I love, love, love my company’s new sign! It has only been up about a week, and I have gotten so many calls from people who drove/walked by and noticed the sign. More important, it was cost-effective and the customer service was THE BEST! Genesis took in an initial call and walked me through the entire process so seamlessly. The turnaround time for the proof and the edits were fast AND high quality! I was contacted and updated at every stage of the process and the final product exceeded my expectations. They even made recommendations about the placement of the sign (and they were right because everyone who has called me about the sign mentioned that it was positioned perfectly for them to notice it!). I can’t thank Competitive Signs enough for the great job they did. I have truck lettering and other signage to do in the near future and I will definitely be returning to Competitive Signs for all my work!”

So, remember that if you’re looking to get a Neon or LED business signs done for a retail store in Paramus and Bergen County, NJ area, then contact the expert graphic business sign designers at Competitive Signs in Montclair, NJ at 973-783-1001 or email them here.

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